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Energetic Healing Arts

Suzanne Hunt​

Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Minister

John Fulton, who was a renowned clairvoyant in San Rafael, California, had a great saying, “the space around you isn’t empty”. Think about yourself for a moment. What kind of energy is in the space that surrounds you? Is it joyful, flowing and free? Does it support your highest and best good? Another way of looking at your aura field is to look at your life because one generates the other. The energy in the space around you is always creating your perspective and generating your life, sometimes unconsciously. If you want to create something different for yourself, consider resetting your space to have a life experience that supports your highest intention.

Thoughts are energy

       Create your new story with enthusiasm and watch positive changes flow into your life.

  • Release energy blocks
  • Energize your spiritual path
  • Heal relationships, career, finance and more
  • Connect with spirit guides
  • Clear your home or office space
  • Comfort your pet with an energetic healing
  • Receive medical intuition readings and insight to help you move through health issues or illness.  

  Today's message:

    What is the most validating thought or action you can choose for yourself right now? 

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