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Energetic Healing Arts

Suzanne Hunt​

Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Minister

Some information about Sue

As a natural empath, Sue has been energy sensitive for most of her life. In 2006 she learned to meditate and harness her own intuitive healing potential to create life change for herself as well as others. She studied clairvoyant energy techniques at the Inner Connection Institute and was ordained a minister at the Church of Infinite Spirit in 2009, an alternative, metaphysical church which supports each individual in finding their own truth.  She spent three years teaching at the Inner Connection Institute, which is a center for spiritual growth, meditation and clairvoyant development connected with the church. Over the years Sue has continued to expand her abilities using Medical Intuition and Mediumship healing.

Sue believes spiritual growth is an important part of life experience. She receives regular healing sessions for herself and continues to expand her clairvoyant and healing abilities with on-going education.

Sue enjoys seeing her clients and students discover more choice, freedom and fulfillment from life when they are able to create their next experience from their own spiritual truth rather than outside influences.   

Sue is available on specific weekdays as well as some evenings and weekends for clairvoyant reading or healing sessions. She participates in various holistic fairs in Denver and the northern Colorado area and provides her services in person, over Zoom or over the phone. She may be reached on 720-351-3492 or [email protected]